Touching, Impacting, and Transforming Lives

GT Treasured Lives Foundation is a Non-Profit Company (NPC), duly registered in terms of the laws of South Africa in 2011, although its work was started in 2004. Treasured Lives is a wholly education, youth, and women empowerment entity that focuses on transforming lives whilst ensuring that the family unit remains intact. 

We also focus on strategic projects where companies share their vision and goals, and we implement projects on their behalf. The vision of the foundation is to transform lives to the TOP, and our 5 strategic pillars are education, youth, women, technology, and strategic projects.

TREASURED 4IR Learners - Aiding kids to fall in love with Maths, Science and Tech

We do online classes on English, Mathematics, Science, Coding and Automation

Please help us reach our Vision 2030. Partner, Sponsor, Donate!

We use technology to enable transformation of lives in disadvantaged areas. Our Focus is to:

  1. Build and maintain worthy sustainable partnerships for transformation of lives.
  2. Increase awareness and increase more learners’ interest towards 4IR and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).
  3. Introduce kids to computers and 4IR at earlier stages.
  4. Grow a fund for registration and application fees for the disadvantaged to get access into tertiary education.
  5. Work with relevant partners, sponsors, and donors to increase internet connectivity in disadvantages areas within these 3 years, to enable online education for the disadvantaged so that education and any communication and help that can transform lives can travel quicker and impact many lives in South Africa.
  6. Positively touch, impact, transform over a Million young people’s lives in South Africa and Africa, focusing on mentorship, coaching and skills development using technology tools as the greatest contributors within these 7 years and beyond.
  7. Implement a scalable online platform and do education online, teaching, and tutoring STEAM subjects online, training, speaking, and mentoring, building great passionate, strong willed, successful young people with great mindsets and skills. Yes, we will still use personal touch however, with technology, we will increase our reach, and impact and transform more lives.
Jangjo High7292.1
Matthews Mangope High42100100
Mokgojwa Intermediate57.160.086.7
Motsaalore High75.967.478.8
Motswedi High80.894.689.6
Phatlhoso High83.310071.4
Tlhaole High76.280.685

* These are core village schools, very far from nearest towns. Motivation is very low and situations around are not helping either. Most of these schools have no computers, labs and good working libraries.

We have started. We need your support. We need partners, finances or equivalent resources and help to make all these possible. Please contact us if you believe in this vision, and are willing to help, sponsor, donate and / or work with us. We are because You are. Also, do call us if you need our help. Thank you.