About Us


The company is led by Gaefele T Meko(Gae), a final year 4IR Doctoral Student with all MPhil subjects with distinctions, MBA Cum Laude, and over 15 years of experience from UNIMITED Treasure, 7 years at Accenture, 2 years at Ernst & Young (EY), and serving various local and international clients until leaving employment as Associate Director. Gae is a multifaceted leader, board member, philanthropist, part-time lecturer, and tech and innovation maven deeply passionate about business and making a meaningful impact on lives and organizations. As the driving force behind UNLIMITED Treasure Solutions, she brings a wealth of experience across various sectors, including telecommunications, banking and finance, mining, energy and resources, and the public sector, gained from seven years at Accenture, two years at Ernst & Young (EY), and over five years of running her own company.

Gae’s journey began with a bold decision to leave home with just a bag, a duvet, and a partly borrowed taxi fare, driven by a determination to raise tertiary fees, pursue education and wealth, and forge a path of independence and impact.

Gae has exhibited exceptional leadership throughout her career, steering various divisions to remarkable success. She has achieved both financial and non-financial milestones, including great tech implementations, impactful innovations, and a groundbreaking employee engagement rate of over 80%. Her leadership style has fostered stronger client relationships, boosted employee engagement, and promoted team cohesion, resulting in tangible outcomes, increased retention, and accelerated career growth of others.

At her company, Gae leads and helps clients use data and technology, particularly cutting-edge Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies like data-driven insights and intelligent automation, to drive transformative change alongside strategic initiatives, digital innovation, and people development. She is actively involved in advancing Africa’s tech and 4IR transformation through technology and innovation implementations and comprehensive 4IR training programs, focusing on empowering women and youth to acquire in-demand and marketable skills.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Gae is committed to mentoring and empowering youth and women, recognizing their potential as drivers of change. Through initiatives within GT Treasured Lives Foundation and UNLIMITED Treasure, she champions transformation and innovation in Africa, equipping individuals with the tools to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Gae’s dedication to excellence resonates in her relentless pursuit of healing, impacting, and transforming lives and organizations to their next best success.

She works with a diverse team that has over 40 years of experience combined.

Projects have been done with great companies including Mzesi Energy, Telkom Group, Ernst & Young (EY), TNT Group, Vodacom, 2U and SoluGrowth. Achievements include:

  • Empowered clients to navigate intricate challenges, fostering innovation and transformative change, resulting in unparalleled growth and success.
  • Recognized for providing expert leadership, guidance and support to a client in pioneering its inaugural innovation challenge, and also ensuring seamless implementation and impactful outcomes.
  • Successful delivery in digital transformation and innovation solutions development including Business Process Re/Engineering, Process Improvement, Data & Analytics, Automation, and strategic projects.
  • Successful relationship building at any level and being able to open opportunities, even with challenging.
  • Passionately leading a Telco’s Digital Process Reengineering/ RPA Project, being noted as instrumental to benefits realization of over R150M Savings and other key benefits in less than 6 months, performing both technical and leadership roles.
  • Recognised as highly skilled in assessing organisational processes and assessing which technologies will enhance their shareholder value through process efficiencies.
  • Creating implementable strategies leading to cost optimisation, operational efficiency, business transformation, engaged organisation and value realisation. Employee Engagement reaching over 80% for the first time and teams being more cohesive, bottom up and top down. Strategies including CSI and wellness strategy becoming more impactful, engaging employees, and getting them proudly involved as the business makes more profits.
  • Praised by different clients, executives, and teams for being knowledgeable, fast-learning, reliable, accountable in any situation, and being able to break things down in simplistic manner.
  • Successfully dealing with automation related fears amongst staff, which sometimes make buy in difficult or even lead to sabotage/ limited information, which in turn leads to automation failure or limited impact.
  • Leading SA’s best program in developing young women as awarded by Gender Mainstreaming Awards
  • Elegant and relevant corporate designs and searchable websites with great support.
  • Delivering exceptional training and coaching locally and in Africa with our partners and securing an average of between 50% and 350% of levy payments back in respect of training for clients as well as securing company tax deductions through the correct application and structuring of skills development interventions and government